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Sonoma County Engagement :: Kelly + Chris

It’s common for people to travel, explore and enjoy the single life after a breakup. But sometimes they love the idea of being in love, so maybe entering the dating world quickly isn’t such a bad idea……at least Kelly can relate to this. After breaking up with her previous boyfriend, her best friend ¬†eagerly wanted […]

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Arista Winery & Sonoma County Engagement :: Kendall + Billy

They met in high school and immediately hit it off. And after a short two months, the couple called it quits. They remained close friends for the future years to come…..but who would’ve known years later the couple would reconnect and realize they were meant for each other? In a nutshell, this is a the […]

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Cornerstone Gardens Engagement :: Priya + Jason

It all started with a puppy….well, sorta. The first time Priya met Jason, he happened to have his dog in tow. The two often found themselves making small talk in the hallways at work, mostly about dogs since Priya just got a new puppy. While Jason offered some “puppy” parenting advice to her, eventually these […]

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